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When I was younger, I would compare everything to everything else. This was my only means of measuring, well, anything. And my mother would always roll her eyes and say "If you always compare people to other people, and things to other things, you will never be happy." I never quite understood this logic, but more importantly I couldn't stop my comparison trials even if I wanted to. And I did try.

So this morning, having just gotten home from work, I walk in to a message on my answering machine. And it's Michael, and I'm growing more and more in love with his voice.


(this is also relevant because it highlights the way my thought processes have changed since being deflowered by nitrous:)

The first thought, towards the end of the message was This is amazingly sweet, I love it... followed by the comparison daemons shuffling in to take a look at the situation, and saying Yes, yes this has never-- and pausing, just like that. And a few other people clamored in to look, to listen. To press repeat. And they said...well, wait? Has this been done?

And they all look to me puzzled, and I realize I'm smiling.

You see, I can't remember.

And that's what's important. That's why this is better. I can't remember, I can't compare.I see it now.
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