Hydro Electric (hydroelectric) wrote,
Hydro Electric

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always falling over me

you symbolize everything i cannot bear to lose
i have cut a pocket in your chest, and put my world in you
just under the skin, to the left of the beat
i hear a tender whisper that i know is mine
and when i think of loss, or grief, it is you that disappears
while i scream at the machine we have been using all these years
just under the skin, a dangerous heat
that burns my future into jagged lines

dead-end, dead-end
over and over again

i've seen your body in a box too many times;
no, pirate
this was not the ship we had in mind
whiteknuckled&tightlipped i would not cry
unless i thought of the cold rivers in your hand
and at that moment knew
that i'd been left on land,

later that night i'd lie, streaming on the tile
hot iron and dull blade to mark my mourning
and while my wound was setting
i'd bleach out the tears i'd be forgetting.
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